Power Management Integration Center

Industry Advisory Board Meeting
July 23–24, 2020, Hanover NH


Dartmouth's Power Management Integration Center (PMIC) is part of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry University Collaborative Research Center Program (IUCRC), and aims to connect academic researchers with industry members to address a range of challenges facing next-generation power electronic circuits, systems, and components.

Printable IUCRC Fact Sheet (PDF)


The Center targets innovations in power electronics that support higher efficiency, smaller size, and reduced cost. Considerations are made for system reliability, robustness, and performance in a diverse range of industry sectors and applications spanning consumer, industrial, and automotive electronics.



Industry members of the Center enjoy a range of benefits:

  • Access to talent—Train students with the desired skills for your industry.
  • Lower R&D risk—Share the inherent risks of early stage research.
  • Lower R&D cost—Save research dollars through access to facilities and human resources.
  • Increased ROI—Earn a higher return on investment through jointly-funded research.
  • Access to expertise—Network and learn from PMIC co-members.
  • Access to IP—Gain royalty-free, non-exclusive licenses on intellectual property produced in the Center.
  • Voting rights—Have a voice on the PMIC Industry Advisory Board.

Industry Advisory Board

The Industry Advisory Board is composed of one representative from each member organization or company. The Board steers the Center and provides input into plans for PMIC expansion. In addition, the Board makes recommendations on:

  1. Research projects
  2. Apportionment of resources
  3. Changes to bylaws


Any company, federal R&D organization, or any government-owned contractor-operated laboratory may become a member (consistent with applicable state and federal laws and statutes).


Companies with fewer than 500 employees:

  • Associate Membership + 3 Votes
    $25,000 / year

Companies with 500 or more employees:

  • Full Membership + 6 Votes
    $50,000 / year
  • Full Membership + 12 Votes
    $100,000 / year

Become a Member

Because research of the type to be done by the Center takes time, companies should join with the intention of remaining a fee-paying member for at least two years.

To become a member, contact us.